Site updates! *disclaimer* two-month late post

I am continuing to struggle to blog during my service. I am currently sitting with one of my best friends here, a fellow PCV Nancy, and we decided to settle down tonight and write our blogs together and set goals for when to publish them. It really shouldn’t be that hard because I have a… Continue reading Site updates! *disclaimer* two-month late post


Expectations and procrastination

I haven’t blogged since I’ve been to my new site, forgive me. I have started writing my new post a dozen times and then left it sitting there in my notes as a draft. It is ironic how now that I have more free time than I can ever recall in my life, I have… Continue reading Expectations and procrastination

A preview of the next two years

I went to visit my permanent site two weeks before actually moving there. Early in the morning, I left in a "colectivo" (shared car) with my counterpart (the term Peace Corps uses for the main teacher we work with throughout our service), and my friend Bobby, who is another volunteer serving in the pueblo next to mine, and his… Continue reading A preview of the next two years